How to clean leather car and motorcycle seats

How often to clean car and motorcycle seats

We recommend that you clean and protect your car and motorcycle seats 6-8 times a year, cleaning seats that get used frequently the most and those that often go untouched less frequently.

Why you should clean your leather car and motorcycle seats

Dirt and oil collect on seats easily.  You usually can’t see this fine layer of mess, but it acts as an abrasive surface, making tiny scratches on and wearing down the top layer found on the vast majority of leather vehicle seats. Once that layer is worn down, the leather is more susceptible to all kinds of damage.

Also, leather is naturally very porous, so, once the protective layer has been worn down, it soaks up the dirt and oils left standing on its surface.  Even before you can see the effects of this damage, the leather is collecting the dirt and oil it soaks up on the back side of the leather.  Once there is enough on the back side, it will eventually seep to the front and discolor the leather.

What to use to clean leather car and motorcycle seats

Use a soft cleaner made specifically for leather.  You can get leather cleaners at most auto enthusiast shops, and Fibrenew franchisees all sell them.  Before you pick a cleaner, you should read our guide on leather cleaning products.

How to clean auto and bike seats

You should check out the directions on the bottles of the cleaner and protection cream you buy, but, generally speaking, you should:

  1. Squeeze leather cleaner on a clean sponge.
  2. Wipe your seats using a circular motion.  You don’t need to press down hard; just a gentle rub will suffice.
  3. Use a clean, dry cotton towel to dry off any excess cleaner.
  4. Use the same circular motion and a soft cotton cloth to apply protection cream to your couch.


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