How Much Can I Make?

Highly Scalable Business with Long-Term Profit-Potential

For nearly four decades, Fibrenew has continued to be a compelling business opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world for three simple reasons:

  • Our business is affordable to start and quick to scale
  • Demand for our services is everywhere and never going away
  • There’s no limit to growing the business

With each passing year, the corporate grind becomes more of a struggle and fails to deliver on promises of upward momentum. Entrepreneurs are drawn to Fibrenew because we offer stability, control over how business is run, and the security of knowing there’s never a shortage of work to be done.

“The reason why we connect to so many entrepreneurs is because we can help gain control of their lives and their futures,” says Jesse Johnstone, President of Fibrenew. “They don’t want to work in a corporate job where there’s more and more demands put on them, usually for less and less pay. The ability to grow your own business allows you to gain that freedom, flexibility, and control is really important. But most of all, this business is as much fun as it is rewarding, and I think our franchise partners would attest to that.”

Our franchise partners LOVE their businesses

It’s no exaggeration when we say that Fibrenew is one of the best franchise business opportunities out there. This is largely due to how important it is to us that our franchise partners are not only successful but also satisfied with their business.

Every year, Franchise Business Review independently surveys our franchise partners to ask for their feedback and about their satisfaction with the business. Our franchisees’ feedback has earned Fibrenew a Top Franchisee Satisfaction Award year after year.

The most recent survey research data showed satisfaction levels of:

  • 85% – Training and Support
  • 88% – Products and Services
  • 85% – Innovation
  • 91% – Team Culture
  • 90% – Level of Trust
  • 91% – Level of Respect
  • 91% – Level of Honesty & Integrity
  • 89% – Being Supportive of Each Other
  • 89% – Overall Enjoyment
  • 92% of Franchisees Recommend the Business to Others

“We’re enormously proud that our franchise partners feel so positively about their businesses,” Jesse says. “That means that we’re doing more than a few things right. It also means that our franchise partners are growing and thriving, and that the franchise network is very much on the same page.”

Long-term growth potential

Fibrenew is a franchise opportunity without an expiration date. Several of our franchise partners have been with us for decades, some of whom have gone on to build their own Fibre-dynasty, passing their Fibrenew franchise down to their children. Our business model is designed to thrive and expand as much as franchise owners want it to.

“We have numerous franchise partners who have been with us for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and even 30 years,” Jesse says. “And the thing that’s remarkable to us is that the veteran franchise partners still love what they do. We’re seeing a lot of veteran franchise partners bring family members into the business, which is even further validation that the business model works. Our franchise partners have a lot of confidence in this business, and there’s just so many examples of people who have transformed their lives for the better by franchising with us. Whether it’s better work/life balance, more control, or the potential for financial freedom, so many of our partners are living their best lives right now.”

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