Fibrenew Franchise FAQS

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Fibrenew Franchising

What types of customers will I have?
The exciting part about owning and operating a Fibrenew business is that your potential customers are everywhere. That’s because leather, plastic, and vinyl are everywhere. In homes, offices, vehicles, boats, planes, medical clinics and hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and much more. We are a highly diversified service business with multiple revenue streams. Your customer base will be comprised of home and business owners, vehicle owners and dealerships, boat and aircraft owners, medical clinics and hospitals, furniture retailers, warranty and insurance companies, and more.

What about competition in the industry?
This varies by city or region. In some markets, Fibrenew has competition and in some there is none. Here’s the thing: competition proves there is work out there. Here’s the second thing: we have over 3 times the market share over our competitor in the same space. Just like momma used to say, it’s not bragging if it’s true. Our products, techniques, and color matching technology are what set us apart. Plus, we’re really cool people 🙂

How much does it cost?
The total cost to invest in a Fibrenew franchise ranges from $97,825 – $111,695.

What is the franchise fee?

What are the royalties?
Unlike other franchise systems, Fibrenew offers a flat royalty rate. This means that even as you scale your business, your royalty rate stays exactly the same. This means that there is no financial reporting and no red tape. You are free to make as much as you wish without ‘penalty.’

Do you offer financing?
While Fibrenew doesn’t offer direct access to financing, we do have relationships with third-party lenders who can help you secure the funds necessary to launch your business. To learn more about financing options, please fill out the inquiry form here to start a conversation with us.

Do you offer exclusive territories?
Yes. Fibrenew franchise territories are exclusive to each franchise partner, which means our franchise partners don’t compete with each other, they collaborate! Territories are a mix of residential and commercial business opportunities.

What type of vehicle will I need to operate the business?
Because the equipment and products needed to operate the business are very compact, most franchisees operate their business out of a mini-van or small SUV. Others use full-sized trucks and vans or even a bicycle! You can see examples of Fibrenew work vehicles here.

What type of prior experience do I need?
You don’t need prior experience to succeed with Fibrenew. If you enjoy working with your hands, can distinguish color adequately, and are comfortable with relationship selling, you are halfway there. We will provide the rest with a thorough comprehensive training program and ongoing support with our highly seasoned support team.

Do you offer training & support?
Yes! Fibrenew offers comprehensive training and ongoing support. We cover every aspect of the business model, including:

  • How to perform our services with expertise
  • How to sell our services with confidence
  • How to build a book of business
  • Marketing support
  • Professional development

When you franchise with Fibrenew, you’re never alone in business.

How do you cost this restoration service to make a profit?
Franchise partners are free to set their pricing and generally cost their restoration service at a rate that is consistent with other trade/service providers in their local area (hourly rates for mechanics/plumbers/electricians for example). This value will vary from State to State, Province to Province, and Country to Country. As a further guideline, the pricing of jobs will relate to the replacement value of the piece being worked on. That’s our true value to our customers – saving them from having to replace a damaged couch, car seat, dashboard, PVC window, etc.

Where does a franchisee obtain supplies and materials from?
Fibrenew’s exclusive product line is available only to our franchise partners. We ship products worldwide from our Warehouse in Black Diamond, AB, Canada.

Remaining questions?

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