Fibrenew Franchise Reviews

Fibrenew Franchise Partners Share What They Love About Their Business

Our Fibrenew family includes some of the most intelligent and passionate entrepreneurs in the franchise industry. We’ve brought in franchise partners from wildly diverse backgrounds, including previous C-suite executives, military veterans, teachers, painters, miners, truck drivers, pilots, and many other types of professionals looking to take control of their own destinies.

Here’s what they have to say about owning a Fibrenew franchise:


Fibrenew corporate is great. They are giving us all the tools they can for us to be successful. I honestly believe they want us all to be successful.

Chip Cox, Fibrenew Greater Memphis 


I always feel supported when I'm trying to learn something new, and when I'm in the field, if I need advice right away, I've never had trouble getting a fast answer or just someone to talk through my issue with.

Tim Healy, Fibrenew Northtowns 


Before I started my Fibrenew business I heard 'you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself'...having now started my own Fibrenew business I can say that's true. The support is phenomenal. I always get an answer to any question I have and I always feel I have a team behind me in my business.

Stephen Bland , Fibrenew SE Louisville 


You guys do not oversell the family-like supportive culture you've built. It's true and having now been in business for a few months, I can say that I've felt it just like you described it to me before I started. From Head Office and my fellow franchisees - it's amazing.

James Strickland, Fibrenew Concord


I have a deep inner peace that you cannot shake no matter what comes. Another week in Level 4 COVID shutdowns will not affect us financially or mentally. We have never regretted investing in a Fibrenew Franchise. In particular, in our current climate, it is reassuring to have a business that can weather all storms.

Thorsten Kather, Fibrenew West Auckland


After losing my position at a company I had given 31 years to, I needed to look at other options. We now own our own Fibrenew business. I am working with my wife and best friend every day and doing something that I love. I am down 50 pounds and my doctor is taking me off some medications. My stress level is at an all-time low as well.

Jim Batey, Fibrenew Roanoke


Kudos to you for building an awesome team. From my first phone conversation with Matt Woodcock through today. I have only experienced a positive and knowledgeable staff. The training and support team is fabulous. Denver does a great job getting my orders shipped quickly. I cannot forget Phaedra, Jamie, and France. They made our decision to join the Fibrenew team easy. And it is a decision we don’t regret.

Jerry Mainstone, Fibrenew Ocala


The ENTIRE HQ staff ROCK. Great, great people. You are innovative and responsive to franchisees and you LISTEN.

You guys do not take comments as criticism, you take it as an opportunity to fill a need that wants to be filled or a change that makes a real difference and new products that put another bullet in our guns.

Steve Bugg, Fibrenew Clear Lake


Training and support is wonderful. There really is so much to know and learn that it just takes practice. The Fibrenew Training and support team is outstanding!

Genevieve Alexander, Fibrenew Bozeman


One of the biggest reasons I decided to join Fibrenew was because of the support system. From the official support team to our fellow Fibrenew franchisees, it is more like a family. You can count on folks to readily help you out when you are in need of an answer or faced with a situation you have not encountered previously! There is a great deal of support here and I am extremely grateful for that.

LaChaun Steverson, Fibrenew Grand Rapids 


Excellent family atmosphere! Exactly what I was looking for. We all support each other.

Dave Sanders, Fibrenew Coastal San Diego


The field support, new products, marketing strategies, and technology are amazing!!! They keep improving my business and help me be more competitive, more efficient, and more profitable!

Bill Bedsole, Fibrenew Palatine 


The products are phenomenal. They give us the finish that we need. That, with the service we provide makes us a miracle company

Al Crnjac, Fibrenew Eastern Ontario


I just want to say thanks for the recent product innovations. I used one today on a boat seat job and I had no idea it would turn out as good as it did! It was incredible! Thanks Fibrenew team, you rock!

Alexandre Fachinello, Fibrenew Newport


I’m feeling especially thankful for an opportunity to make a career change. I no longer need to rely on corporate America for my livelihood. Being a Fibrenew franchisee has been great. An opportunity to run my own business, work with my hands, and repair things that might otherwise go into the landfill. I’m loving it!

Dave Preszler, Fibrenew Waco


Fibrenew is always trying to improve itself which is a real testament to the quality of the leadership. The energy input is really appreciated and makes Fibrenew stand out.

Eric Sheppard, Fibrenew Prince George 

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