Sun damaged car and motorcycle seats

You may notice that, over time, your soft leather car or motorcycle seats become dry or faded. Many people attribute this to wear and tear, but it is actually caused by heat and light from the sun. Because the leather in your vehicle is likely to be exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat in parking lots, vehicle manufacturers use leather that is highly resistant to sun damage in their seats.

Motorcycle seat faded by the sun

Most car seats are made from fully-finished leather, and it tends to hold up a lot longer in the sun than other types of leather. But, even the strongest of leathers will be damaged by heat and sunlight over time, so it’s a good idea to clean and protect your seats 6-8 times a year to boost their resistance to damage.

You can also try using window shields in a car or covers on a bike to keep some of the light and heat off your leather if you park in the sun for extended periods of time.

It is also a good idea to seek out parking spots in the shade instead of in direct sunlight.

How to fix dried out, faded leather

You can have a leather professional re-dye faded leather for a reasonable cost.  But, once the natural oils found in leather are gone, they’re gone for good.  Leather professionals can do a number of things to make it look better, but there is no way to truly restore it to its previous condition.  That’s why preventative maintenance is so important!

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